I love the way classes Build Confidence and PATIENCE with us senior riders. Understanding our issues and teaching us how the horse thinks and relates to us in a respectful way. I feel at home at Cloud 9.

Deborah R

We had such a great time meeting the horses, learning how to care for them and about them. Kinsey was so patient with us and so encouraging and kind and easy to ask questions of since it was our fist time being so close with horses. I could tell she valued keeping us safe also while learning about the horses as that was my nervousness but she was great at noticing too how nervous I was. I’m thankful she wasn’t offended by that she just helped ease my nerves instead. B was also so kind with helping my daughter! They all had such a great time even adored your puppies! It was such a great experience I hope to let the kids do it again! Thanks & Take Care

Emily H

I want to add my appreciation for what horses have done to motivate our daughter to work on recovery from anorexia!  She has made so much physical, mental and emotional progress in her fight against the "slow suicide" disease of an eating disorder, through her program at Health Sciences Centre combined with time at the barn.