Mon., Sep. 13 | Cloud 9 Ranch

Cloud 9 Ranch Hunter Jumper Fun Show

Join us for a fun day of showing to see how well your horse and you are connected! This show is for those who enjoy jumping.
Cloud 9 Ranch Hunter Jumper Fun Show

Time & Location

Sep. 13, 9:00 a.m.
Cloud 9 Ranch, 31061 Rd 37E, La Broquerie, MB R0A 0N0, Canada

About the Event

Cloud 9 Ranch Hunter Jumper Fun Show *Jackpot payout

June 19, 2021 at #31061 Road 37 E Steinbach, MB

Name :_______________________________________ Phone:___________________________

Address : __________________________­­­­__________ Email: ____________________________

Horse’s Name : ________________________ Send prize $ to email or in mail? :_____________

____JUNIOR 18 & Under DOB:_________   ____ SENIOR 19 & Over as of January 1st

Warm up (9-10:00 am) (max 5 horses per 10 minutes)   $15.00  x ____ = _____


1. Ground Rail Hunter Open (1 grnd. rail b/w ea. std.)  $5.00  x ____ = _____

2. Cross Rail Hunter – Trot Only Open  $5.00  x ____ = _____

3. Lead Line  FREE x ____ = _____

4. Walk/Trot Hunt Seat Equitation (flat) $5.00 x ____ = _____

5. Beginner Hunt Seat Eq. (if in class 1-2)  $5.00 x ____ = _____

6. Bareback Cross Rail   $5.00  x ____ = _____

7. Cross Rail Hunter Open  $5.00 x_____= _____

8. 2’ Hunter (no cross entry with class 1-5)   $5.00  x ____ = _____

9. 2’ 3 Hunter (no cross entry with class 1-5, 7) $5.00  x ____ = _____

10. 2’ 6 Hunter (no cross entry with class 1-5, 7) $5.00  x ____ = _____

11. Senior Under Saddle Hunt Seat Eq.  $5.00 x ____ = _____

12. Junior Under Saddle Hunt Seat Eq.    $5.00 x ____ = _____


13. Hunter/Hare Fun Jumper   $5.00 x ____ = _____

14. Extreme Trail (max 1’6”)  $5.00 x ____ = _____

15. 2’ Jumper (no cross entry with class 1-5)  $5.00 x ____ = _____

16. Jump Pairs $5.00 x_____= _____

17. 2’ 3 Jumper (no cross entry with class 1-5)  $5.00 x ____ = _____

18. 2’ 6 Jumper (no cross entry with class 1-5)  $5.00 x ____ = _____

19. 3’ Jumper (no cross entry with class 1-5)  $5.00 x_____= _____

20. Gambler’s Choice $5.00 x ____ = _____

Office Fee $20.00 x 1 = $20

Paid By: CHQ Cash ET  #________ Auth: ______ Date:______2021  Total:______

The ideal hunter moves with flat knees, meaning their front legs float across the ground in a daisy-cutting fashion. A hunter round is rewarded for smoothness in which the horse jumps all the fences in stride. Horses are marked down for leaving the ground too far away from or too close to the jump.

Hunters: Where the horse and rider jump a course and the judging is based on accuracy, grace, and elegance. Jumpers Where the horseand rider memorize a course of jumps and a jump-off course. Jumpers are judged by how quickly a horse can complete a course of jumps with the fewest errors, called faults.

Hunt seat equitationon the flat is an evaluation based on the ability of a rider to perform various maneuvers in harmony with her/his horse. While judged on the flat, the class provides a base for natural progression to over fence class.

Attire: Western or English clothing and/or tack allowed in class #1-3, 6, 13, 14. English attire required in all other classes. Acceptable are paddock boots with half chaps and collared shirts without the jacket.

Class 1: Ground Rail Hunter is a regular hunter course but with rail between standards on ground.

Class 3: Lead Line is where an able handler leads the horse with a rider mounted. Designed for younger children or those with disabilities. Halter with lead should go over bridle so rider has reins in their hand.

Class 13: Hunter and hare is where there is a rider and runner, person on foot, who will run and jump a short course with the runner in front (hare) and rider chasing behind (hunter). Time starts when hare crosses start line and time stops when hunter crosses finish line. Hunter may not pass hare and all jumps must be executed. This is a fun class! Jumps are low enough for youth to jump over on foot.

Class 14: Extreme Trail will include obstacles you may encounter on the trail or around the yard. Items may be under the jumps or alongside. For example, straw bales as jump, blue tarp under rails, flower box as jump, tractor parked alongside jump, etc.

Class 16: Jump Pairs is 2 horse/riders jumping the same course one after the other. Time starts with first rider and ends with second rider upon completion. Fastest team wins! One entry fee per pair, pick your partner. Can enter twice, once under rider one, once under rider two.

Class 20: Gambler’s Choice has assortment of jumps up to 2’6” with no set course. Riders have 45 seconds to complete as many jumps as they can. Each jump may be jumped a maximum of 3 times. Varying amounts of points designated to each jump according to difficulty. At end of time, rider has option to take Joker jump which will be more difficult. If they succeed, they receive bonus points, if there is a refusal or fence down they will LOSE that many points. That’s why it is a gamble!

Entry fees will be jackpotted. $1/entry retained for judge’s fee. For example, 1 entry –pot is $4, 1st prize is $4, 2 entries – pot is $8, 1st prize $5, 2nd$3, etc. Payouts paid to winners the next week by e-transfer or cheque. Entries open until first horse enters the class. For more information and to pre enter, contact Tara Reimer tara@cloud9ranch.ca204-392-6308. Will abide by current COVID restrictions, whatever those are at the time. Send payment for entries to Tara on June 18thbefore 9:00 pm. No refunds.

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