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connecting horses and humans

At Cloud 9 Ranch, we're teaching riders, developing horses, and changing lives.


Whether you have ridden before or not, our experienced certified instructors will teach you the skills needed to better communicate with and care for the horse on both the ground and in the saddle, English, Western or Vaulting.


Our 77 acre property 8 minutes southeast of Steinbach, MB is located high and on dry ground with a breeze blowing through, surrounded by fields and trees. Our dogs are calm, fencing is secure and safe, pastures have grass in summer and our hay is excellent quality. Visitors often comment about the peace felt here.


Horses allow us to practice new responses to fear, that are healthier, and feel emotions in a safe, non-judgemental environment. Equine Assisted Therapy lets you feel connected to a large animal that chooses to be in a relationship with you when it feels safe.


Campers ride with CHA certified instructors, and improve their horse knowledge through fun activities, including horse watching, vaulting (gymnastics on horseback), and participating in team discovery. Campers are taught how to communicate effectively with horses in a way that is easy to understand and apply.

When humans and horses feel safe and confident we can both function at our best.

At Cloud 9, we believe in using clear, concise cues that build confidence under as little stress as possible. The more we learn about horse and human brains and behavior the better we become at communicating with the horse in a way that they understand. Since 2003, horses and humans have been our focus.


As certified riding instructors studying How The Horse's Brain Works and Human Mental Health, we understand that both humans and horses make decisions based on being safe. Recognizing this, we are able to build confidence and develop both horses and riders to their full potential.

About Cloud 9

Lauren Fall BHP_edited.jpg

"When I was young and growing up at home on the family dairy farm in Pansy, Manitoba, anytime I would be with the horses my mom would say I was on Cloud 9! This is still true to this day. I don't know what gene it is that makes some of us so passionate for horses but I am enjoying the fulfillment it brings! I started teaching students as a business in 2003 and concentrated on performance in the show ring. 

Years later the focus is on connecting horses and humans for healing. God has blessed us with property, horses, clients and knowledge. From all my life experiences in training horses, riding with inquisitive awareness, adopting our sons, teaching riders, living in God's truths and how our brain's and bodies work, I put it all together to help others, horses and humans, in whatever way it is presented. God is amazing and the work He is doing through the horses is just a glimpse of His love for us!


Each day I better learn the horse's language and adapt to teaching others so they too can communicate more clearly to those around them, 4 or 2 legged. There is still much more to learn from the horse. Join us on this life changing journey of being a true horseman."


- Tara Reimer,

Founder and lead instructor at Cloud 9 Ranch

Tara Reimer and the certified instructors and therapists at Cloud 9 each do their part in teaching Western and English riding and Vaulting lessons, facilitating Equine Assisted Psychotherapy, group Team Discovery, and Adaptive Riding, as well as training horses.


The Reimer Family

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