Image by Fauzan Saari

Equine Day Camps



For riders 7-17 yrs old

9 AM - 4 PM


All levels welcome at Spring Break Camp March 28 - April 1st


Beginner Camp July 4 - 8th  |  July 11 - 15th |  August 15 - 19th

Level 1 Camp July 18 - 22nd  |  July 25 - 29th  |  August 29 - Sept 2nd

Level 2 Camp August 22 - 26th

Level 3 Camp August 8 - 12th

IMPORTANT! Too many campers are registering for camp in a level higher than what their comfort level is which holds back those that can ride at the said level. It is a much more productive and fun week when riders are in the correct level. Most camp weeks have ten horse/riders, and although we have assistants, riders do need to be able to complete tasks appropriate for their level and be able to ride without assistance, in the group of 10 horses, in Level 1 and higher. It is much better for horses, riders and instructors when parents register campers in a lower level week, rather than too advanced. It is no less fun and still a jam packed week of activities!


Beginner camp is for first time riders or those who only ride a few days a year and need to relearn the basics. This week is good for timid riders who like to take things slower.


Level 1 camp is for those who have been in lessons or camp before and know the basic cues for walk and jog/trot reverses and circles. There will be a lot of jogging this week.


Level 2 camp is for riders already loping/cantering who are more independent with catching/grooming/tacking. This camp is also good for riders well balanced and confident at jog/trot and ready to lope/canter OR if they just want to stay at jog and are proficient in all related skills. We have a few young riders who aren’t comfortable at lope/canter but are showing and great walk/jog/trot riders. This level would be good for them.


Level 3 camp is for riders developing their showing and training skills. These riders have a balanced and effective seat and are working on lateral movements as well as refining timing and feel in higher level/faster maneuvers.


Campers can ride both English and/or Western throughout the week and bareback.


We teach the skills to ride with confidence, but full day campers must be physically able to ride a horse without side walker for assistance, pay attention and obey instructions in order to remain safe. If your beginner rider is unsure of horses then consider a few private lessons first so that they are more comfortable in a camp setting. Well trained and seasoned horses!