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Lessons at Cloud 9

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Whether you have ridden before or not, our capable and experienced certified instructors will teach you the skills needed to better communicate with and care for the horse on both the ground and in the saddle, English or Western. Our well trained lesson horses are quiet, prefer to move slowly but are responsive. Or bring your own horse for the same price. Riders must be capable of controlling the horse under the instructor’s guidance. Riders will groom, learn to be safe around, lead and ride on their own in either the outdoor or indoor arena. All ages welcome.

Wild Path


1 hr  |  $70.35

Private lessons allow for all the focus to be on the student whether for therapeutic reasons, because it fits your schedule better or to focus on skills specific to you and your horse.


1 hr  |  $58.80/rider

 Riders must be capable of controlling the horse under the instructor’s guidance. Riders will groom, learn to be safe around, lead and ride on their own in either the outdoor or indoor arena.


15 min  |  $29.40/vaulter

1.5 Hrs  |  $176.40 for as many vaulters as you want

Vaulting is gymnastics on horseback and although that may sound intimidating, it is very safe and we start with just sitting on the horse and then progressing into other safe maneuvers where holding the handles is encouraged. Great choice for birthday parties because affordable and everyone gets the opportunity to be with the horse, even if they choose to just groom/brush the horse and not ride. 99.9% of the time everyone gets on as they see how safe it is and how slow, steady and calm our horses are. Bring a few friends or invite the whole class or family! Brings a smile to everyone's face!


No previous horse experience needed to climb aboard. Build your confidence through different moves on the back of a moving horse! Suitable for all ages whether youth or adults! Vaulters can ride double or triple. This is very safe as there are handles to hold onto and a qualified instructor controls the horse. Vaulters need to wear comfortable stretchy clothing with soft soled shoes. Find out if you have more strength, balance or flexibility and discover your favorite positions. Perhaps it is Shark Fin, Candlestick Kick, Sideways Half Flag or Flamingo on the neck! Vaulting is a whole new experience!


Great for birthday parties because moves adapted to each vaulters abilities, this way everyone has fun! Practice on the barrel while waiting your turn. No helmets worn as they weigh enough to throw you off balance. Generally vaulters are in groups of 3-6 so the lesson is 15 minutes per vaulter unless 2 horses and 2 instructors used then 1 hour for 6 vaulters. Lesson includes groom and tack up (brush and put equipment on horse) warm up exercises and stretches followed by 3-4 turns on the horse 3-4 minutes each. While not on the horse, practice moves on the barrel.


1.5 hr | $52.50/rider

In group lessons riders are put in groups of similar ages and riding abilities. Create your own family or friend group if you desire, just need 3 or more riders to make a group.

For your birthday we can set it up to include all levels of riders. You groom/brush the horse you are assigned, get taught enough skills to safe safe and then we ride! Indoor or outdoor arena depending on weather. We also play games to keep it fun. Gladly use our barn classroom to host the food portion or outside at our picnic table. Plan to stay about 3 hours and just pay for the group lesson!


1.5 Hrs  |  $34.65/lesson

Any age child can attend that is not yet ready to control their own horse in our regular riding lesson program or that is 5 years old or younger. Children will be introduced to horses of varying sizes. They will groom/brush their assigned horse, lead them and ride. Riders learn about balance and how to communicate effectively by playing games on horseback. Preschoolers must be accompanied and supervised by a responsible adult who must wear closed toe shoes and be willing to help groom, tack and lead the child. Great learning opportunity for the adults as well! 


Riding Clinics  -   Full day  |  $1000/group or $200/person (prices vary)

Workshops  -  3 hrs  |   $75/person

Tara is a life-long student of the horse that teaches others how to properly communicate and get along with their horses, learning the horse’s language, not forcing our human language on the horse. Her level of understanding the horse grew dramatically with scientific technology and its’ sophisticated equipment which allows us to ask questions that we had no way of asking in the past. Tara uses this evidence based horsemanship knowledge along with her training and experiences in the show ring with light and draft horses under saddle and hitched in teams, training young horses, teaching students, working with therapy clients alongside therapists and having adopted her sons as teenagers. Growing up on a dairy farm and riding alongside team roping husband also adds skills. Tara has taught numerous times at CHA International Conferences across USA, Horses in the Morning – Radio Network Florida, Horse 3 and Royal Manitoba Winter Fair in Brandon, MB, Adoption Events across MB, Seniors Without Walls – Provincial Radio Program as well as countless 4-H and private events. Her riding lessons can be seen as samples for the industry at


Topics Tara is passionate to teach about include:

  • Learning about Human Behaviour from Horses

  • How the Horse’s Brain Works

  • Starting Young Horses – Setting the Foundation, Building Confidence

  • General Performance Show Skills for Exhibitors

  • Horsemanship – What Your Horse Wants You To Know

  • Horsemanship – Strengthening Rider Position for All Disciplines

  • Bits and Bitting

  • Gaits and Footfalls

  • Learning to Teach


Certified Horsemanship Association English Western Instructor Certifications held yearly where participants attend 5 days. April 17-21, 2024 is the next certification here. $870.00 plus GST includes manuals Visit or contact Tara for more information.

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