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Image by César Couto


$341.25 /Month

Our 77 acre property just minutes southeast of Steinbach is located high and on dry ground with a breeze blowing through, surrounded by fields and trees. Our dogs are calm, fencing is secure and safe, pastures have grass in summer and our hay is excellent quality. Clean tidy yard with 80' x 160' indoor arena and two larger outdoor arenas for jumping, riding or roping. Roping dummy and flag available to use. Lockers for boarders available. Indoor stalls also available but we prefer to keep horses outdoors. Can use your own vet and farrier. Price quoted is for monthly pasture board.


For more info and rates, contacts us at (204) 392-6308 or


$1,000.00/month includes training 5 days a week and board

Whether you need a short refresher, confidence building, skill learning, exercise or a full training program from the start, we have the expertise and in depth knowledge of how the horse's brain works and how to understand horse language that enables us to really understand what your horse is saying which allows us to confidently develop the horse to the best of its abilities.


Our on site trainers come from different disciplines (jumping, roping, western performance, colt starting, driving) but all have the horse's well being as priority. We build the horse's confidence and skill set to see where their talents are. Come watch us train anytime and work with your horse when you want as well. We keep a detailed training log and work horses five days a week unless requested otherwise.


If the horse isn't progressing and it seems 'off' we pursue whatever health care is needed to help the horse get back on track.

For more info, contacts us at (204) 392-6308 or

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