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We are on Cloud 9!

When I was young and growing up at home on the family dairy farm in Pansy, Manitoba, anytime I would be with the horses my mom would say I was on Cloud 9! This is still true to this day. I don't know what gene it is that makes some of us so passionate for horses but I am enjoying the fulfillment it brings! I started teaching students as a business in 2003 and concentrated on performance in the show ring. Years later the focus is on connecting horses and humans for healing. God has blessed us with property, horses, clients and knowledge. From all my life experiences in training horses, riding with inquisitive awareness, adopting our sons, teaching riders, living in God's truths and how our brain's and bodies work, I put it all together to help others, horses and humans, in whatever way it is presented. God is amazing and the work He is doing through the horses is just a glimpse of His love for us!

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